Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's alive!!!

They've sprouted! They've sprouted!!!

All of my herbs have at least one successful sprout - basil, mint, garlic chives, cilantro and even tomatoes. I'm so excited! But we're not in the clear yet. I've had sprouts before and they died on me, but last time it was indoors with poor (aka no) drainage and little sun. Hopefully this time the conditions are better and they'll live to be full blown yummy herbs in no time!

Unfortunately, I did a bit more reading after I put the seeds in the ground and realized that I probably should've started them indoors and then hardened them before transferring them outside. Oh well. The seeds were inexpensive and my backup plan is to buy the already started plants from the nursery. The hubz asked me why I didn't start with those to begin with, but it's much more satisfying to say you grew it from a seed. He has no confidence in my herb growing abilities, but I don't blame him given my track record, I don't have much confidence either...

Keep those fingers crossed!


White On Rice Couple said...

Yes! you grow herbs! Good for you and we're so happy that you're seeing sprouts! We just planted some more new seeds today: Red Japanese perilla, raddichio, cinnamon basil, peppers and more lettuce. Hopefully the birds won't get to these before we do! :)
Keep us updated on your garden!

gaga said...

Wow, how exotic and exciting! I stuck with boring staples and will venture out to new things next year if I'm successful.

Good luck with yours too!