Saturday, March 7, 2009

Steak Sandwich

Remember those gorgeous homemade baguettes that are a constant staple in our house these days? Do you also remember the french onion soup that I made? Well, I had leftovers of both, so I asked my hubz to grill up some steak for steak sandwiches. He always does such a great job of cooking steak to perfection, I guess it's a guy thing because I sure can't do it. And it was so tasty that I requested it again and am thinking about making more soup just so that I can have more steak sandwiches!

And since the secret ingredient for Weekend Wokking this month is beef and steak is about as "beefy" as you can get, I'm submitting this entry. Wandering Chopsticks created this awesome event and Marija of Palachinka is hosting this month. Check out the roundup on April 1 for some beefy goodness!

- 1 baguette

- 1 steak (we used New York, but anything will do)

- Leftover french onion soup

- Horseradish sauce (I like the creamy variety for this)
- Lettuce (optional)
- Salt and pepper


- Ask your husband to salt and pepper the steak and cook it to perfection. Let it rest, then slice it into thin strips.

- Cut the baguette in half and toast it until nice and crispy.
- Spread a generous amount of horseradish across the bread.
- Lay the pieces of steak across the sandwich.

- Spoon the onion soup over the steak.
- Add the lettuce if desired (I found I liked it better without).

- Close the sandwich and dip it in additional onion soup and horseradish as desired and eat.


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Haha. I like how the first step in your directions is to ask your husband to do the work. ;)

Mom on the Run said...

Same rules apply when it comes to steak at my house. I will have to say I have become much better at grilling.

Your recipe sounds delish!

Sophie said...

Haha, well done to the husband!! MMMMM....sounds as a lovely meal!!

Jo said...

Unfortunately my hubby doesn't eat steak so I don't cook it at home. I only get to eat this outside at restaurants, pretty !sad right!

Olga said...

Wow: soup over steak? sounds perfect. Why not any cheese? :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy, steak sandwich and French onion soup, all are my favorites. Lovely meal and very satisfying!

Sara said...

That steak is perfectly cooked, I can't grill to perfection either. It must be a guy thing.

Rachel said...

Oh yum, I love a good steak sandwich, and your bread looks fabulous!

Thanks for the foodbuzz add!

Elra said...

Oh wow, that steaks look so perfect.

MaryBeth said...

We love flat iron steaks at our house and it is my husbands job to do the grilling..your sammie looks wonderful.

Carolyn Jung said...

I love that: "Tell your husband to cook the steak to perfection.''...That's usually what does happen at my house.