Monday, November 28, 2011

Ji Se La Pi

This isn't the prettiest dish, but it's a tasty dish that is great for leftover turkey.  This shredded chicken and mung bean sheet cold salad is best served fresh, ie not after being refrigerated.  Refrigeration tends to make the noodles hard.  And, another thing to look out for it getting the right kind of noodles.  I'm not sure what to tell you here because that's where I screwed up.  The kind that I bought was way too thick.  It said something like TianJian style on the bag if that helps.

So keep from refrigerating this and buy the right noodles and you'll be sure to enjoy this!  :)

- Mung bean sheets
- Shredded chicken (or turkey)
- Cucumber
- Peanut butter
- Water
- Soy sauce
- Vinegar (rice vinegar or regular is fine too)
- Wasabi (optional)

- Cook the mung bean sheets according to the package directions.  Run them under cold water and then cut them into approximately 1"x1" pieces (though shape and size really don't matter).  Set aside.
- Shred the chicken/turkey and julianne the cucumber.
- In a separate bowl, mix the peanut butter and a bit of water until it's nice and creamy, about the consistency of a thick gravy.  Heating the water will help it mix.  If you put too much water, just pop the bowl with the water and peanut butter into the microwave for a bit and stir.  It's better to have it too thick than too watery.  You'll get more liquid from the other flavorings and the noodles/cucumbers will give off water too.
- Add soy, vinegar and wasabi to taste.
- Mix the sauce with the cucumber, chicken and noodles and enjoy!