Sunday, July 20, 2008

BLT with a Twist

Yum. My hubby makes the best BLT's (and his other sandwiches are pretty darn good too). You would think that sandwiches are pretty straightforward and if you use the same ingredients, it would taste the same no matter who makes it, but somehow, that's just not the case. Hubby's sandwiches are waaay better than mine, and one of his favorites to make is the BLT. Who doesn't love some crisp bacon and lettuce with some juicy tomatoes? This time, for an extra little twist, I asked him to add a bit of blue cheese. It's hard to improve on something as simple and great as a BLT, but personally, I liked this even better! If you are a fan of the smelly goodness of blue cheese like I am, I encourage you to give this combo a try.

And just because I want to, here's a picture of my first tomato ever! It was small and the skin was a bit on the tough side, but the flesh was oh so sweet. And look, it's shaped like a heart <3>
P.S. - I just learned from the hubz that one key to making this sandwich is to put the cheese on the mayo because it helps it stick better. See, I told sandwich making is more complicated than it seems! He was also the one who taught me to put peanut butter on one slice of bread and jelly on the other when making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I used to try to put the jelly on top of the peanut butter and always had such a difficult time. I mean, duh! Doesn't that just make sense? How come I never thought of it?

2 slices of bread 2 slices of bacon 1/2 tomato sliced 1 leaf of lettuce Mayo Blue cheese

Toast the bread and smear on a layer of mayo. Add the blue cheese, bacon, tomato, and lettuce. Cut in half and savor the goodness.

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That Girl said...

We went to visit my parents today and my dad was SO excited to tell me they had BLTs for lunch yesterday.