Saturday, May 30, 2009

Asparagus and Mushroom Stirfry

I think of asparagus as being a "meaty" veggie, so to make a quick, easy, and healthy stirfry, I decided to pair it with mushrooms, which I also think of as being "meaty". While I think a king oyster mushroom would have been better, I always have dried shitake mushrooms in my pantry, so that's what I used. That's one of the best things about stir fries, you can just toss in whatever you have on hand! Though, next time I'll try to plan ahead and get some fresh king oyster mushrooms and try this again.

- One bunch of asparagus
- 5 dried shitake mushrooms or king oyster mushrooms if you have them
- 2 cloves of garlic
- 3 tablespoons (to taste) of oyster sauce (soy sauce is fine if you don't have oyster sauce)

- Wash and trim the asparagus by cutting off the tough end.
- Cut the asparagus on the bias into thin slices.
- Soak the shitake mushroom in water until they're soft. If you want to rush the process, put the mushrooms and water in the microwave for a minute.
- Slice the mushrooms into thin slices.
- Mince the garlic.
- Heat some a bit of oil in a pan or wok.
- Add the garlic and saute for just a few seconds.
- Add the asparagus, mushrooms, and the liquid the mushrooms were soaking in (minus the bit at the bottom with the dirty mushroom remnants).
- Add the oyster or soy sauce.
- Saute everything together until the asparagus is cooked through, but still has a nice crunch to it.


Sara said...

oooh, this looks good. I think it is a great excuse for me to buy and try some oyster sauce.

Jo said...

I love asparagus and mushroom stirfry. This is an easy but delicious recipe. Great pictures.

Sara said...

Sounds great! I think it would be delicious with regular oyster mushrooms too :)

That Girl said...

I actually have a bunch of fresh shitakes in my fridge right now, just waiting to be used.

Reeni said...

This looks delicious! A great side-dish!

lisaiscooking said...

This looks healthy and delicious! Mushrooms and asparagus are so good together!

Patsyk said...

YUM! I love making stir-fry dishes... you can totally empty out the fridge and make something fabulous!

Sophie said...

MMMMM...gaga! I agree that these 2 lovely vegetables pair up oh so great,...MMMMMMMMMMMM.....

Dragon said...

Sounds delish! Bet it would taste great with morels.

Janet @Gourmet Traveller88 said...

Hmmm, lovely vegetable dish.

test it comm said...

This is my kind of stir fry! Nice and simple and tasty!

Diane said...

this look so yummy!!! two of my favorite things: mushrooms and asparagus!