Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pumpkin Devil's Food Cake

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received Duncan Hines cake mixes.  I've seen this on Pinterest.  It looked easy and tasty so I decided to give it a try.  All you have to do is mix the cake mix with a can of pumpkin puree and follow the rest of the directions on the back of the box.  No eggs, oil, etc, so it's healthier too!

- One box of cake mix
- One 15 ounce can of pumpkin puree

- Mix the cake mix and pumpkin puree until fully incorporated.  The consistency will be super thick and brownie like.  You'll probably be tempted to add something to it because it just doesn't look right, but keep with it.  It'll work, I promise.   
- Follow the rest of the directions on the back of the box.  In my case, I lightly oiled and floured a pan and poured the batter in and baked for 35 minutes.
- And even though the batter is thick like a brownie, the completed product is more like a moist cake and yummy too!
I wonder if this would work with other purees like sweet potato or butternut squash?  If you've tried it, let me know!


Joanne said...

How easy and so much healthier than if you had followed the box instructions!

Anonymous said...

Made this tonight and it was amazing! After it was in the pan, I pressed a bag of chocolate chips into the batter. So good!

Clipping Path said...

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