Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mango Chicken Stir Fry

Yup, another mango recipe!

I'm a salty kinda girl. Give me a slice of cake and a slice of pizza and I'll pick the pizza 99% of the time. And as you can see from my blog, I generally don't make sweets. Fruit is sweet. So leave it to me to try to turn it into something savory =)

One tip I have for this dish is to err on the side of not ripe enough over too ripe. Heating the mango will mush it up a bit, so the firmer it starts off, the better.

- 1 mango cut into slices
- 1 chicken breast cut into bite size pieces

- 1/2 onion sliced

- 2 red chilis sliced at an angle (red bell pepper can be used too if you don't want it too spicy, or more chili or red pepper flakes if you want even more heat)

- Bok choy cut at a bias

- Cashews
- Salt

- Corn starch

- Marinate the chicken in corn starch like I did for the pad thai. You can also add soy or xiao shing wine or other flavoring if you'd like, but I didn't this time around.
- Heat your wok/pan until almost smoking.
- Add a splash of oil and heat through.

- Toss in the chicken and keep it moving in the pan until mostly cooked.
- Add onions and chili and some salt to taste and toss it around. Then add the bok choy. And lastly the mango and cashews. This should all be added in pretty quick succession and shouldn't be left to cook for too long since they don't take long to cook and you want all the veggies to remain crunchy.

- Serve over rice.

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That Girl said...

I love mango in stirfry, but I've agreed to give it a rest because not everyone in my two person household agrees with me