Saturday, May 24, 2008


I'm gonna cry ='(

I'm having a very bad gardening day. First, I go out to my yard this morning to water my tomatoes, and guess what I see...

Stupid gophers! It's bad enough that they're making holes in our lawn, they're eating my tomatoes too! I suppose I should've known it was coming, tomatoes being one of their favorites and all. But it doesn't make me any less upset. I have 3 more tomato plants that I'm sure won't last long. We're going to go buy some traps today because nothing else we've tried have worked and our yard is starting to look like the face of a teenage boy with all those gopher holes. Grrrr.

After mourning my tomato and tending to my surviving garden, I go inside to water my orchids. I'm quite proud. We got 2 orchids as housewarming gifts and I've managed to keep both alive and one of them WAS re-flowering, which from what I hear, is very difficult to do for beginner orchiders. BUT, stupid me. I accidentally knock off the entire branch of flowers! Who knew it was so delicate? Seriously, I barely tapped it.

So, like I said. WAH!!!! What a horrible gardening day. I'm plant-sitting for my mother in law while she's on vacation and should probably stay away her orchids until my luck turns around.

Well, I guess I'm off to the hardware store. I'll teach those gophers to mess with me!


That Girl said...

:-( They'll grow back.

Rachel said...

That is such a bummer! Is there some little fence you can put around them to help keep the gophers out?

Anonymous said...

The gophers must be organizing! They're doing the exact same thing to my tomato plants! Doesn't it make you mad, though, that they're not even bothering to eat the plant? They just chomp through it and leave it to wither away!

gaga said...

that girl - thanks, I sure hope so!

rachel - no, you have to dig pretty deep and put in some chicken wire or something like that. but even then, I heard that they tend to chew through them.

leanne - it does! It is sooo infuriating! I'd be fine if they took a tomato or two or even a whole branch or two, but they just chew right through the base and leave! I've set a few traps but have yet to catch anything. Good luck with yours!

ScottE. said...

I have these problems with the squirrels. They eat all seedlings and seeds I plant. They've attacked my rose bushes (from above), knocking the branches to the ground and eating the buds...tulips...birdseed...I love the wildlife, but please don't eat my hard work!