Saturday, April 4, 2009

Artisan Pizza

So we've been continuing to keep the dough for artisan bread in our fridge at all times and are really enjoying a constant supply of fresh crusty bread whenever we want. I also have to report on another great cheese find at Costco. The Fancy Yancy's Smoked Gouda is less than $6 per pound, is super tasty, and goes great with the baguettes. Yum!

Besides baguettes, we also tried making pizza out of it and it turned out great. I am in love with this super versatile dough and am excited to experiment with the possibilities even more.

- See dough recipe here

- Tomato sauce
- Tomato paste
- Oregano
- Mozerella cheese
- Toppings of your choice (we used grilled chicken breast and tomatoes for the pizza pictured above).
- Cornmeal or parchment paper.

- Take about a pound of the dough, dust it in flour and roll it into a ball.
- Set the dough aside and let it rest for at least half an hour. An hour or even two would be fine also.
- Heat your oven and baking stone to 475 degrees.
- Stretch and toss the dough until it makes a nice circle about 12 inches in diameter. Place it on top of a generous amount of cornmeal or parchment paper.
- Mix some tomato paste and tomato sauce together until it reaches the consistency you like and spread it all over the pizza, minus the crust.
- Sprinkle oregano on the pizza.
- Place whatever toppings you like on top.
- Sprinkle on the cheese.
- Slide the pizza onto the baking stone and bake for about 15 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbly.
- Cut into slices and enjoy!


Molly Jean said...


Easy and tasty... looks great to me!

Anonymous said...

I really want to try this bread. It is so versatile

Sophie Sportende Foodie said...

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!!!!

Christina Kim said...

Yum, homemade pizza!!

Tangled Noodle said...

I'm all about pizza! This looks marvelous - I need to keep your dough recipe on hand.

Reeni said...

Home-made pizza is the best! This looks wonderful!

Patsyk said...

I love that cheese, now I've got to try it on a pizza... YUM!

Anonymous said...

yummm...this is perfect to try out the Sunshine Fantasy topping I had the other night. sliced boiled egg, ham, sausage, mayo...

stephchows said...

you really can't beat a nice warm crusty pizza. man i'm hungry now!

Carolyn Jung said...

Gouda that's more than gooood enough? Sorry, I couldn't resist! ;)

lisaiscooking said...

Your pizza looks fantastic! (I still need to read that book.)

Kristen said...

I really need to try this bread! Your pizza looks fantastic.

Colleen said...

I'll take a piece of that right now, please!

Su-Lin said...

what a beautiful pizza!